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Album Review: New Found Glory – Resurrection

New Found Glory

New Found Glory - Resurrection
New Found Glory – Resurrection

“…take life’s unexpected curve balls and welcome them as a challenge to yourself.” This is part of the statement released by New Found Glory on their website when speaking about their new album Resurrection. All of the songs on the album, with this meaningful title, are about just that – about growing from your experiences.

The thirteen-track record begins with “Selfless.” The song has a unique intro, with guitar feedback and the sound of instruments getting ready to be played, followed by a guitar solo before the vocals or lead singer Jordan Pundik are heard.  With lyrics like “I wanna live selfless / Instead of just floating by / Living every day like its my last / I can catch up on my sleep when I die”, the song sets the tone for New Found Glory’s latest effort. The band has gone through some turmoil over the past year, with founding member Steve Klein leaving the band in December 2013 amidst allegations of lewd conduct with a minor. It should be noted that nearly a year after his initial arraignment and “not guilty” plea, Klein has not been in a jail cell, and he has not been found guilty by a judge or jury. Resurrection seems to be the band’s way of putting the issues behind them.

“Resurrection”, the title track for the album, may be the core of New Found Glory’s new album. By incorporating a memorable chorus, and a heavy punk-rock influence, New Found Glory returns to their early 2000’s form. The crunchy guitar riffs are the band’s classic style, and Resurrection has plenty.

New Found Glory has released a music video for “Ready and Willing” which shows the band at a younger age. The entertaining and creative video also shows the progression and growth the band has undergone, which is the basis for the album. “Vicious Love” also ties the album together with its use of a sample in the intro, similar to that of “Resurrection.” What I most loved when first listening to the record was how the bridge in every song caught my attention in a positive way, including “Vicious Love.”

Although the album has a punk-rock sound, “Angel” has a softer tone. It’s one all fans can nod their heads along to. On the other end of the spectrum, “Stories of a Different Kind” might enable fans to start a most pit at the live shows. “On My Own” is the final track on the album. It perfectly sums up the band’s intended theme and notably, the track’s ending is similar to the record’s introduction. The entire album is consistent in its meaning and a good listen.

Long-time fans were skeptical about the band’s future when Klein left, mainly because he was usually identified as New Found Glory’s primary songwriter. Yet New Found Glory carefully constructed Resurrection to satisfy old and new fans alike.

See New Found Glory live this fall during their Glamour Kills Tour with support from We Are The In Crowd, Fireworks, and Candy Hearts.