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Album Review: Ronald Jenkees – Alpha Numeric

Ronald Jenkees

Thanks to the streamlined nature of the internet, talented musicians such as Ronald Jenkees are able to self-produce their own music with relative ease, and he’s taking every opportunity to get his art out to the fans. His aloof personality is sharply contrasted by his infectious beats and complex keyboard free-styling. With over 67 million YouTube views, Ronald Jenkees has had considerable success for being a completely independent music producer. His first solo album, Ronald Jenkees, was released in 2007, and now in 2014, he has released his fourth album, Alpha Numeric which is available to purchase at his own website or iTunes, and is also available now to stream on Spotify.

Alpha Numeric opens with the track “Synergetics”, which has a very dynamic feel. Its the sort of intro that could precede almost any range of music. With the presence of synth leads, string accompaniment, slow-building percussion, and funky bass, the mood of the album is announced clearly and you’ll want more. “Filter In”, the second track, opens with a darker tone of synth vocals and orchestral elements. The song utilizes gradual rising and falling dynamics that add deep intrigue. Jump forward a few tracks to “Echo Out”, and you’re presented with a heart-breaking sort of rock ballad that is comprised with staccato strings and weeping piano melodies. Another memorable track from the album is “103 Degrees”. It opens with layered synth instruments that are reminiscent of Daft Punk‘s earlier days. As the song develops, it mellows out for a change of pace before completely dropping into a dream-like decelerando for a few moments before returning to the original tempo with fervor to finish out the track. The final piece on the album, “Dream Happy”, cools down with a smooth piano and bass jazz duet.

Alpha Numeric is a wonderfully orchestrated album with versatility and heart. I believe it would sit perfectly as the soundtrack for a great video game or movie.

Ronald Jenkees