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Flashlights release second album “Bummer Summer”

After a few years of doing my own thing in the music industry, I’ve found that nothing excites people about your music more than being able to relate to it. Something about being able to sing along with an album and every word of it being completely honest and true evokes an attachment to that particular album, song, or band. Your favorite song could (and should) change on a day-to-day basis depending on how you feel.

Flashlights’ new album, Bummer Summer, covers so much ground on the emotional spectrum that everyone will be able to find a song that they can relate to, no matter what day (or season) it is. From lousy living conditions, to jobs that suck, to that horrible hangover, and even heartbreak, Bummer Summer covers it all.

Bummer Summer, produced by Scott Hutchison and Andy Monaghan, sounds like it could be the spark Flashlights is looking for to become the next big Punk-Rock supergroup. We could easily be looking at the next Archers of Loaf or even Green Day.

“Failure” (the album’s first track) and “Don’t Take Me Seriously” (the album’s second track) both hit home runs with their bouncy attitudes and party-rocking guitar leads. They set the tone for the first half of the album, and hook the listener in such a way that they can’t stop listening. The album flows well one song to the next, as the next set of songs set up to emotionally prepare for “Islands”, the seventh track. With anthem like vocals, creamy leads, and dirty rhythms, “Islands” will easily become one of the top 25 “most played” in your ITunes library. “April 24th” (the song, not the date) takes the satisfaction of “Islands” and breaks it down, in a good way. I’m usually not a fan of a heavy acoustic track on a Punk album, but hey, if Green Day can do it… In all seriousness, it’s well put together and placed in the perfect spot in the album.

Bummer Summer concludes with its upbeat and happy title track, “Bummer Summer”, then closes the shutout in “Blue Dream”. Both beautifully tie the album together and pay tribute to where the band started.

Bummer Summer will be released on June 25th by Hard Rock Records. The band will then tour the Midwestern and Southeastern states in support of the album. Bummer Summer will be available via Download and CD, and a limited pressing of vinyl for the single “Blue Dream” available only in concert.