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Tiny Victories sophmore effort “Haunts”

The music industry has been quite finicky of late, hasn’t it? It shows promise in new areas, but can’t seem to ignore where it came from. Quite frankly, most music doesn’t seem to know what it wants.

I’ve recently been listening to Tiny Victories’ upcoming album, Haunts, this past week, and let me tell you… music WANTS Tiny Victories. The electronic duo has everything the industry longs for, and Haunts will leave the world wanting more.

It’s been two years since Tiny Victories released their debut album, Those Of Us Still Alive. After their two years out of the studio, the duo has really filled out their music, maturing with a consistency that has become uniquely Tiny Victories. Their bright and happy sound contributes massively to the consistency of their music. The duo, Greg Walters and Cason Kelly of Brooklyn, New York, have a sound that seem to combine the bright, clean vibes of Neon Trees with the chill groove of Minus The Bear, thrown together on top of an Imagine Dragons-like beat and their own unique electronic-based sound that rivals Capital Cities.

Haunts, the twosome’s sophomore album under their label The Sleepover Party, is an album of celebration and dancing. “Drinking With Your Ghost” kicks off the album with its driving beat and its melodic nature. The second track, “Scott & Zelda”, is a progressive tune that would make the Grouch want to dance. This fun vibe relays through the first six songs, where “Proton Pagoda” slaps us with a chiller vibe, which will carry through most of the rest of the album. The 8th track, “Life Is Boring”, is not the least bit boring. It carries an anthem-styled tune that will be stuck in my head for quite some time. The cleverness and catchiness is yearning to be the next big hit. Haunts wraps it up with “Justine” and “You’re Gone”, which differ drastically from the rest of the album. They bring Haunts to a reminiscent close, and leave us longing for more. Good thing we have the “loop album” option!

The album will be available June 10th for digital download, CD, and a limited pressing of vinyl. Tiny Victories will be making a few stops this month in the New York and DC areas; those in attendance will be in for a treat and a great time.