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Free Download: Poe + CTZN – Purified Filth

Poe - CTZN

After touring with Deltron 3030 earlier this year, California’s Poe & CTZN officially debut their #LifeAfterDebt series, with the 7 track EP ‘Debt’. Prior to the release, the duo took the better part of a year to produce, write and record roughly 20-25 new songs for the series before bringing the best of the first batch of music to the hands of a legendary Los Angeles mastering engineer, who had worked on hip hop classics such as Donuts and Madvillian.

CTZN on working with Dave Cooley
“I had grown to be a fan of Dave Cooley’s sound over the years after seeing his name in the liner notes of a lot of my favorite records from artists like Madlib and Dilla and some of the other Stones Throw cats. It all had this perfect sonic mixture that sat perfectly right between the gritty and lo-fi sound that I always loved, and the punchy and cleaner kind of mix…bangin’ and defined, but not overly big or too crispy & digital. When we got to the point of getting started on mixing and mastering this project, Cooley was our first choice for outside assistance on the project. He really helped shape the sound of the record and bring out the right elements within each and every one of the songs individually…Honored to have had him work on our material.”

Poe on the song ‘Purified Filth’
“Purified Filth…it’s a simple song really…Its the year 2014, and damn near everyone seems to be a rapper/singer/songwriter/producer or whatever now. there’s a million wacky artists out there saturating the world with bullsh*t. A lot of em haven’t made a meaningful piece of art or music ever and they’re clogging up the system. Purified Filth is calling these people out”.

Debt EP tracklist
1. Intro / Purified Filth
2. The Five Steps
3. Study The Cost
4. The Step by Step Method
5. Lone Wolf
6. Move!
7. Center The Frame


Produced, composed & arranged by CTZN.

Written & performed by Poe.

Mastered by Dave Cooley.