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Interview: SomeKindaWonderful


SomeKindaWonderful is currently on the “Everywhere I Go” Tour with New Politics and Bad Suns. Nick Heddinger of Dont Blink Media had a chance to catch up with them on the road between their Ft.Lauderdale show at Revolution and their show at Masquerade in Atlanta.

NH: How is the touring life going?

Ben:  It’s been really good. We just went to Kansas City to play the Brew at the Zoo, which was really cool. It’s always fun hanging out with the guys from New Politics and Bad Suns. A lot of cool venues.

NH: So how did you guys end up hooking up with New Politics for this tour?

Ben: We are actually buddies with them. They were a fan of our song “Reverse”, which prompted them to inquire with us about a tour with them. And of course we did because they’re freaking awesome, so that’s where we are right now.

NH: Speaking of “Reverse”, what’s the story behind the lyrics to the song? They could of course be over-analyzed and taken multiple ways.

Ben: Jordy, our singer, wrote it. It tells the story of a relationship ending, but tells it in reverse chronological order. It’s told as if Jordy was the one doing the cheating, but true to life it was the opposite. This was actually the first song we recorded as a band together about 4 hours after deciding that we wanted to be a band.

NH: So Jordy had something going on with Interscope before leaving Los Angeles to come to Cleveland. Tell me about what all prompted the change of desire.

Jordy: I just wasn’t happy. We parted ways. They saw me as a pop singer. I wanted to do something more eclectic. Something that was more me. They were trying to turn me into a Bieber Fever type thing and I just wasn’t having that. These major record labels think they know what’s best for the artist, regardless of whether they think the artist knows himself or not. A lot of the artists out there just go along with what the label says and I just couldn’t do that.

NH: With your current record label, Downtown Records, how are you guys liking it so far?

Ben: Yea, we’re on Downtown Records for North American and worldwide it’s Cabin Records. It’s been a great experience and it’s nice to have people that believe in us and have supported us.

NH:  So what are you guys doing with all the road time? Are you switching off driving? Writing music?

Ben: Jordy actually does almost all the driving. He loves it so we kinda let him just take the wheel. We’ve been watching a lot of movies. We just watched the movie “Chef” with Jon Favreau, which is a phenomenal movie. We also got naked for videos while clowning around. I got to make a special trip to Disney World. Also, Cracker Barrels are everywhere and they are awesome!

NH: Did you guys invest in one of those sweet Cracker Barrel rocking chairs for the Sprinter?

Ben: We are actually in the process of removing all the chairs from the van and replacing them with Cracker Barrel rocking chairs (laughs).

NH: I saw a photo online of three Sprinters for this tour..

Ben: That was a joke. We just have one. We saw two Sprinters on a trailer at a rest stop and seized the opportunity to make it look like we were balling. If we had three Sprinters, one would be designated for a omelet chef to just sit there and make us omelets all day (laughs).

NH: Back in Ohio, whose studio did you guys end up recording at?

Matt: Our drummer actually owns the studio. Spider Studios right outside of Cleveland. It happened to be right next to the bar that we all met at.

Ben: We’ve recorded a lot of bands there for about the past 20 years.

NH: What’s the Cleveland music scene like?

Matt: It’s a mixture of a lot of Metal with a little bit of a indie scene and a small rap scene. A lot of local rappers and metal bands. Check out the Butterfly Boys.

NH: You guys seem to have a variety to your sounds in playing music. What would you categorize yourself as, as far as inspiration and specific sound. There’s definitely some Motown influence going on.

Jordy: We usually refer to ourselves as Grunge/Soul, but in reality we’re kind of a no-genre band. We’re very eclectic and don’t believe in labels or classification. It’s unnatural to apply one specific classification to a sound.

NH: So who do you guys draw your inspiration from? Who’s on your iPods? What do you guys feed off of to create your music?

Jordy: I listen to a lot of Blue Oyster Cult, Lauryn Hill, Rob Zombie. I also listen to alot of Bob Marley and Eminem.

Ben: I love the Beatles, Bob Dylan. A lot of stuff from the 60’s and 70’s and blues.

Matt: We all listen to a variety of different things. Our versatility is our strength and that’s what separates us and keeps things fresh for us, I feel. At every show, we play at least a reggae song, a blues song, a little bit of rapping, something that might sound like gospel. That’s what we like.