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Angels & Airwaves reveal “Paralyzed”

Angels & Airwaves has returned.  Below, you can listen to the first song premiered from their new album The Dream Walker, which will be released in December on Tom DeLonge’s own label, To The Stars.

The first work from the band since 2011, The Dream Walker will “a little bit down to Earth” according to DeLonge.  The band worked with Nine Inch Nails drummer Ilan Rubin to create a heavier sound than Angel & Airwaves fans will be used to.  “I think we needed something that would turn heads and ignite a fan base of post-hardcore punk-rock kids that might still be lingering there from my earlier years.” said DeLonge.

The album is more than just an album; starting on October 30th, To The Stars will start releasing additional materials related to the project including music videos, animations, comic books, a novel and feature film titled Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker, with the album being released shortly after.

Angels & Airwaves Poet