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Foo Fighters: New Song, New Album, New HBO Series

Foo Fighters have been the paragon of the alternative rock scene since the mid ’90s. And now, 20 years later, they’re releasing their highly ambitious eighth studio album Sonic Highways. “This is a love letter to the history of music,” says the band’s front man Dave Grohl.

The album, which will feature their roaring new song “Something From Nothing”, has been recorded in studios across the US with special guests for many of their songs. “Something From Nothing” was recorded at Electrical Audio in Chicago which features Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen. Their track “The Feast and the Famine”, recorded at Inner Ear Studios in Virginia, features the genre-hopping group Bad Brains. They even brought on country music superstar Carrie Underwood for their song “Congregation” which was recorded at Southern Ground Studios in Nashville.

Foo Fighters are also launching an 8 episode HBO documentary series named after their upcoming album, Sonic Highways, in which the band members are shown traveling to the various famous recording studios to record their songs. The show premieres tonight on HBO, and the episode will focus on their experience in Chicago.

Foo Fighters are known for their solid, distinct sound. And with the amount of talent an experience that they’ve been able assemble then you can sure that this album will stand as a testament to what the music industry can achieve.

Sonic Highways will be available worldwide on November 10th.

Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways