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White Arrows to release “In Bardo” on September 16th

White Arrows - In Bardo
White Arrows – In Bardo

Had you told front man Mickey Church that White Arrows would be on the verge of becoming a household name just three years ago, he probably would have laughed it off. Writing music in New York, Mickey was just about to produce a hit that would change his life, as well as the lives of his band mates. Get Gone (2011) became an instant hit with the critics of Brooklyn, catching also the attention of the music world. Moving the band to California, White Arrows have spent the last three years building up a dynasty of which their music was about to thrive, touring with groups such as The Neighbourhood, Cults, White Denim, and The Naked and Famous. Today, I believe we are about to witness the coming of great things from their newest album, In Bardo.

White Arrows, a psych-pop juggernaut-to-be out of Los Angeles, are set to release their second full-length album In Bardo this coming Fall. The band is looking to break through the music world and make a name for themselves, and In Bardo should do just that. It’s only fitting that the album be an album of transition for the band, who take great strides to hone their craft album after album, tour after tour. Used loosely, Bardo (according to Tibetan tradition) is the period of time between two lives on earth; after ones death, but before reincarnation… it’s a souls time of transition from one physical body to the next. The current lineup consisting of Mickey Church (vocals/guitar), Steven Vernet (bass), Andrew Naeye (guitar, electronics), John Paul Caballero (guitar, electronics), looks to take this time of intermission to broaden their horizons to a larger audience, finally breaking through the barrier every artist dreams of. Will In Bardo be the spark to the next breakthrough band on the rise?

The album takes off with I Want A Taste, a pop-rooted synth-driven anthem that kicks the tone of the album into high gear. In Bardo as a whole seems to be the kind of album to instantly put the listener into a happy, positive sort of mood, with a bright beat, dirty rhythm, and classic pop vocals that define the music of the coming age. We Can’t Ever Die is a celebration of one’s spirits, in which we are lead to believe that our generation is invincible to whatever the world throws our way. Both Nobody Cares and Can’t Stop Now pay their dues to the bands guitarists through two heavy guitar-driven classics, who set the bar high for a band where the sky is truly the limit. Scream brings us off our high and introduces a time of remembrance of life, where Leave It Alone and Get By reintroduce the bands more mellow nature, of which the latter preaches how we tend to live our everyday lives while vicariously moving through this world we call home. Devil’s Chimes and Chill Winston are just as their names suggest, the first is a darker tune with a groove to match the dark synth section, and the second boosting the ambient chill so common to the band’s first effort, Dry Land Is Not A Myth (2012). The album winds down with it’s last two tracks, God Alert pt1 and God Alert pt2, respectively; the first keeping the darker roots of the tracks before, and the second bringing the album full circle with a pop-driven anthem, a song perfect to end an album truly in the in between. With that, the band wraps up their sophomore year and promises to make a tsunami out of the splash of support received from In Bardo.

White Arrows will be going on tour this summer with The Neighborhood. No dates have been announced at the current state of publishing.