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Circa Survive Astounds Crowd for Juturna Ten Year Tour

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been ten years since Juturnas‘ release. An album that still frequents my playlist til this day. Then again, it’s hard NOT to instantly gravitate your ears towards anything Anthony Green touches. It goes without saying, but Circa Survive easily (once again) sold out Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore for their tour. I’m not trying to fanboy out here over Anthony Green, it’s way too easy. I mean Saosin, The Sounds of Animals Fighting, Circa Survive. But this is a review for a Circa Survive tour, so I’ll get back on topic now. Juturna, to me, was a revelation of music that still holds a special, permanent spot in my heart. Right next to Brand News Deja Entendu. Every song perfectly complementing the next, with the dual guitars provided by Brian Ekstrom and Colin Frangicetto, Steve Clifford syncing up with Nick Beard on drums and bass.

Think about ten years ago, this album was prominently promoted through the bands’ Myspace and PureVolume accounts. There was even a message board dedicated to the band (Circa Board). It’s amazing how much technology and music delivery has transcended over a decade. It’s no longer a self-promotion process. My first time seeing Circa, I was able to go up to the merch table and speak with the band after the set and just hang out and communicate with musicians I respected. Obviously those times are long behind, which speaks a lot about how much popularity and success Circa Survive have rightfully so earned and deserve.

Ten years later. Ram’s Head Live. Baltimore. Twenty miles from where Juturna was recorded in Beltsville,MD. The stage presence and energy from the crowd, many of whom I’ve seen frequenting the same Circa Survive shows that I have over the years, has not faltered even an ounce over the last ten years. Even though Circa Survive is from Pennsylvania, Anthony looked like he was right at home on stage just playing for a bunch of his closest friends. The passion was radiant and their was no sign of boredom or exhaustion, from the band or the crowd. The pre-encore solo acoustic version of “Meet me in Montauk” may have stolen the show for me. DSC_6484edit DSC_6052edit DSC_5976edit DSC_5677edit DSC_5388edit DSC_6425edit



Circa Survive Setlist Rams Head Live!, Baltimore, MD, USA 2015, Juturna Ten Year Anniversary Tour


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