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Circa Survive ‘On Letting Go’ Ten Year Tour


Circa Survive is one of those bands that just ooze with positivity. The type of band that each fan knows that they are part of a collective family. A quick hashtag search on #circafam or #safecamp will offer a glimpse into what it means to be a part of our little cult. Just the sheer fact that I was able to fly to Boston for the first date of this tour and couch surf with people who know nothing more about me than the fact that I adore Circa Survive and that my camera has a certain love for Anthony Green is amazing. This type of camaraderie and acceptance is what makes music in itself such a beautiful bonding element that our society has lacked for far too long.



So naturally, I also attended the Baltimore date at Rams Head Live. On Letting Go was recorded here in Baltimore at Salad Days Recording Studios and produced by Bryan McTernan, who also produced Juturna among other albums by Thrice, Piebald and many others I’m sure you know of. The Philly date may have been the homecoming show for Circa Survive, but I saw Baltimore as the homecoming show for On Letting Go. If you haven’t checked out my coverage of the Juturna  Ten Year Tour, here you go.



Any concert that starts off with confetti canons is mostly a good sign of things to come. Which is exactly what happened as Anthony slammed his hands down to start “Living Together” while the canons exploded into the crowd. “It starts out like a season in reverse.” The first lyrics echoed across the floor in unison with the sold out Rams Head Live crowd. Back to what I was saying about our little cult, Anthony could have easily just held the mic out to the crowd and let us sing the whole set, but we do enough of that in our car as it is. This show indeed started out like a season in reverse. The confetti was first thing. There was no huge encore or finale. The album was played in its’ entirety in order, save for the welcome additions of “1,000 witnesses” and “The Most Dangerous Commercials” strewn into the mix. Started with a bang and never looked back.



The lighting was fucking amazing. Two giant color changing hot air balloons taken from the album artwork created by artist Esao Andrews adorned the stage, as well as their flaming mannequin counterparts.


If you haven’t attended this tour, my pictures and video can only give you so much. You should go. Even if you don’t know or like Circa Survive, you’ll experience the goosebumps and the rush of adrenaline that can only be felt with such a powerful performance and endless lyrics to interpret plus a safe haven of positive people to encounter. But it’s damn near impossible to be left questioning yourself with the lyric, “Would you trade your soul for gold?”






Anthony and Meredith Greens’ son Will sitting on the side of the stage



Circa Survive Setlist Rams Head Live!, Baltimore, MD, USA 2017, On Letting Go - Ten Year Anniversary Tour