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Coheed and Cambria “The Color Before the Sun Tour”

There are few things in life that never get old. The moment where Claudio Sanchez restarts the opening guitar riff followed by an entire venue chanting “Oh Oh Oh Oh” in unison like the exact machine referenced in the song In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3.  That’s one of those moments. If you don’t know what I’m referencing, then you must have never had the experience of a Coheed show. It’s definitely a show that should be on your bucket list, and they seem to tour every year it seems for the past 15 years or so.  This tour was to support their latest art offering to the world in the form of “The Color Before The Sun”. The album received a general consensus of praise and was well received and respected as ” Coheed and Cambria staying true to their sound.”


Coheed and Cambria funneled through 16 songs touching base on all pretty much all of their discography, along with their latest album, “The Color Before The Sun”. So now let’s try to figure out what kind of shampoo Claudio uses to get his signature lion’s mane.DSC_4810








And then there’s the fact that Glassjaw opened for Coheed and Cambria. You never really see Glassjaw tour much anymore. Both bands formed in the mid-90s, and both with their own cult following of true fans. Daryl Polumbo wasted no time reminding the longtime fans why they were fans. Jumping out in their set with Tip Your Bartender, every member of Glassjaw just erupted into a sea of energy Like Daryl on the stage, their set was a little all over the place. Hearing Pink Roses in the Graveyard from their first EP was a happy surprise, I will say. For obvious reasons, no songs from “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence” were played. Which was a bummer but always understood given the circumstances surrounding that record. Nevertheless, the nostalgia was their in full effect for the crowd.













Coheed and Cambria Setlist Echostage, Washington, DC, USA 2016, The Color Before the Sun US Tour