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Everclear 20th Anniversary Sparkle and Fade Tour

 Everclear came through Baltimore to visit Ram's Head Live for it "Sparkle and Fade" tour. A tour that it seems has been twenty years in the making. Starting with "I Will Buy You A New Life", it was followed by every other song you've heard before. Naturally, "Father of Mine" and "Santa Monica" were included in the set. The very feeling of nostalgia was prominent all night long, as twenty years ago, I was 7 and wasn't exactly going to shows. It was refreshing to be able to see a band I heard on the radio twenty years ago give a live performance and was relieved that I finally got to hear and see those catchy songs from the past live. With Art Alexakis being the only original band member left, the guitar and bass of Dave and Freddy fit right in as if they've been there all along. Even the newest member, Scoot on drums seemed like he had been playing the songs from the start. Maybe in a previous band. But it's natural to play other peoples music as a core of defining your own. The crowd was ecstatic to have the opportunity to see the show and everyone knew every word to every song. Sparkle, yes but Everclear will not be Fading anytime soon.












Everclear Setlist Rams Head Live!, Baltimore, MD, USA 2015, Sparkle and Fade 20th Anniversary Tour