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Every Time I Die featuring Jason Butler of letlive.

I’ve seen Every Time I Die at least a dozen times by now, and the show never disappoints. But this show was special. Three quarters into a tour featuring August Burns Red, Stick to Your Guns, Polyphia and Wage War, Keith Buckley got a phone call that his 7-month pregnant wife had to be induced that day for the safety of the child and his wife, Lindsay (Both are healthy and happy). If ETID dropped out of the tour that instant, it would have totally been understandable. But the sheer waterfall of support and good wishes had a massive network of vocalists from other bands wanting to help keep the tour alive. Ultimately, it was Jason Butler from letlive. who filled in the gap for the remainder of the tour.

Naturally I was a little hesitant about the idea of someone who wasn’t Keith covering the vocals for ETID and essentially being a cover band **coughcoughQUEENcoughcough**. But no. This was not the case at all. Jason went nuts on stage, nailing every line and scream like a true fan paying tribute. It was hard to even get many pictures of him staying still but I managed. Climbing on the speakers, the crowd… under Jordans legs.. So much adrenaline pumping. It’s a really special feeling when you can tell that the crowd is absorbing the energy present from who’s on the stage, the presence of pure love of music.



DSC_1350  ETID3







Bonus shot of that time Jordan took someones camera and took a few pictures with it before giving it back:



Now just because the lineup for this show was so Phenomenal, here’s some of the other shots:

Wage War- These guys were fucking awesome!





Polyphia- Instrumental Metal band, great set.. let’s call them InstruMETAL





Stick To Your Guns- These guys have been around since 2003, and I’ve never heard a bad song from them live or recorded.