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Frank Iero and the Patience


Frank Iero has always been a patient person. Originally drawn into the raw sounds of My Chemical Romances’ first album,  I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love,  in which Iero handled guitar and backing vocals for two songs. That is the sound that Iero loved. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge became a staple album for the early 2000s’ and shot MCR to fame and stardom beyond any of their wildest dreams. They are after all, “just four guys from Jersey”. Frank was patient from 2002-2013. And then My Chemical Romance parted ways for good (although reunion rumors run rampant from time to time).




That breakup freed Iero to go back to that original raw form of music that envelopes his true passion. While Gerard Way went in the opposite direction with his solo pop career, Iero dug back into his roots. Frank Iero is one of those names everyone knows and once you say My Chemical Romance you get a ” Oh yeah!” response. But after listening to Parachutes about a million times now, I think Frank deserves to stand on his own. The sheer amount of grit and angst thrown together into a live performance is overwhelmingly great.




The set that Frank Iero put together for the crowd at Baltimore Soundstage was real. It was in-your-face and unapologetic about it. The way music should be. The way Frank Iero wanted it to be all along. Frank Iero is going to set the world on fire and if you didn’t get to witness him this last run, all hope is not lost. There is another tour coming and everyone should make the effort to check it out at the U Street Music Hall on 7/21 or at a venue near you.

Tour dates here.





Frank Iero Setlist Baltimore Sound Stage, Baltimore, MD, USA 2017, Parachutes