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Good Graeff at DC9

This band was first described to me as ” It’s like Tegan and Sara, but with a cello”. I can see why, with Brit (cello,vocals) and Brooke (vocals, guitar) being twin sisters and all. But aside from that, Good Graeffs’ sound is all their own. Bearing their last name of Graeff in their band name, the eclectic sound that comes from the groups creative combination of instruments, is nothing short of calming and you can’t help but feel the good vibes from the sisters’ perfect sync.DSC_3192

I got the chance to cover Good Graeffs’ show at DC9 on the Sept 29th date. Just the intimacy of the small venue was perfect for Good Graeff, as there were moments of crowd participation and that rare feeling that the band is there to see you instead of vice versa. The sisters were standing in the crowd hanging out and watching the opening act, something you don’t normally see. And then they walked onto stage when it was their turn. Brooke clad with a guitar with whale stickers on it and Brit armed with her cello, they were ready to go. They spent their full set time delivering all of the crowds favorites such as “Peiky Peiky”, “Top of the World” and ” I Want That”. Brit opened “Positives and Negatives” with a delightful recorder rendition of a song from Pocahontas and proceeded on to play “Hold me Fast”. Finishing off their night with “Topeka” made the night complete. If you haven’t heard “Topeka”, I suggest you go to Youtube now, as it is a really fun and silly song.  After their set, the sisters went to their merch table and greeted and talked to every person that wanted to talk to them. Such a great, intimate experience all in all.  DSC_3072DSC_2951  blink18you DSC_3119  blurryeyesbwDSC_2849