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Kevin Devine: Devinyl Splits, Series One: A Performance



Thank you Kevin Devine for getting so much talent into one room. One night in Philly at the Theatre of Living Arts. Kevin Devine and the God Damn Band, Jesse Lacey from Brand New, Matthew Caws of Nada Surf, Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy, Mike Kinsella of Owen, and members of Tigers Jaw and Cymbals Eat Guitars. And somehow this didn’t sell out? The mere, rare sighting of Jesse Lacey would have done it for sure I thought. Add Kevin Devine and you have a show for the ages right there. But no. We got spoiled. Each of the artists listed above are part of Kevin Devines’ six-part ‘Devinyl Splits’ 7″ EP collaborations through Bad Timing Records/Devinyl Records.



The way this show worked out was interesting. Kevin would come out and play a few songs, then introduce the first guest, play their collaboration song, let them play a few of their own songs, then repeat five more times. I was honestly curious about how the sets were going to work and this definitely turned out to be the best way with the least transition time in between sets.



I must say my inner teenager came spouting out for this show. I haven’t seen Kevin Devine since he opened for The Rocket Summer along with Number One Fan and Plain White T’s in the summer of 2004. Ballgame is still easily one of my go-to favorite songs of his and it was amazing to see Jesse come out to perform that with him. Actually Jesse Lacey and Kevin Devine have been great friends for a long time and have done a bunch of little pop up shows over the years (A quick Youtube search of “Kevin Devine Jesse Lacey” will provide plenty of examples).



Kevin was heavily involved throughout the whole show. Popping up on stage to play songs with each artist. My favorite though would be a three-way tie between Jesse and Kevin covering Nirvana’s Lithium or Ballgame or the ever-so-rarely-played-lived-sing-your-heart-out-with-the-rest-of-the-crowd-because-they-know-every-word-too classic Soco Amaretto Lime. Yea I have to say Soco. Other two tied for second.