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MxPx stops in DC for a show at the Black Cat


Punk is not dead. Playing at the Black Cat on the first Friday night of October was the 90’s punk-rock band MxPx. Returning to the city after ten years, the band and its openers played a show fans will never forget.

Warming up the crowd for MxPx was Survey Says!, a band formed in 2008. By incorporating the trumpet, trombone and saxophone into their sound, the band started off the show on a high note. Next on was Allister, who had not been in the city in 8 years. They gave the audience all of the energy they could. Engaging the crowd to sing along to “Radio Player” among their other songs, Allister too were able to excite the fans. Zebrahead was my personal favorite out of the three openers. They really made the crowd a community before MxPx came on to perform by encouraging the crowd to put our arms around our neighbors, which allowed strangers to become friends.

Finally, for the first time in 10 years MxPx delivered a show fans were so eager to see. By the time they came on to perform, the crowd at the Black Cat had grown immensely. Beginning with “My Life Story”, fans were immediately off their feet. Lead singer, Mike Herrera connected with audience and allowed the audience to scream along to their favorite songs, which included “Tomorrows Another Day” and one of the band’s newer singles “Far Away”.

In the middle of their set, MxPx satisfied the crowd with their covers of Greenday’s “Longview” and the iconic “Summer of ’69” by Bryan Adams, which are both was on their 1995 album “On the Cover.” Before their encore MxPx performed “Chick Magnet”, which seemed like the audience’s favorite as the sound of their voices became superior to Herrera’s. Those are always my favorite parts of the night, when so many fans are just as passionate about the band’s music as the band themselves.

Returning to stage with “Doing Time” and ending the night with the 1995 hit, “Punk Rawk Show,” MxPx left fans wishing that they tour in DC again soon.

MxPx have been active for over twenty years. Although Herrera is the only remaining member that continues to tour, he has amazing energy and the ability to connect with fans, even staying at the venue afterwards to meet everyone who stayed. His dedication to the fans shows was present in every song he performed.

The Black Cat was the perfect venue for MxPx to perform at. With no barrier between the stage and the fans, the bands were able to more closely interact with the audience. Fans that arrived early to the show got an experience worth more than they paid for. MxPx, along with the three opening band created an unforgettable show in DC.