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New Politics Wilderness Politics Tour

This was my third time shooting New Politics, and the tours just keep getting better. Hitting Echostage for the Wilderness Politics Tour presented by Journeys, David Boyd and Co. continue to dazzle the crowds. The Denmark-based group provide a blend of pop, rock and some hip hop elements to build such a plethora of catchy songs.DSC_8333edit



New Politics is staying true to their fans by putting on such an amazing, energetic performance every time they hit the stage. Complete with sing-alongs and break dancing. Opening with “Everywhere I go”, the namesake of their last tour, the energy was fluid. David Boyd came rushing onto stage armed with a Denmark flag to wave around to show homage to their heritage. Søren Hansen picked up the beat furthermore while switching back and forth between guitar and bass. And Louis Vecchio kept the crowd moving with his rhythmic drumming to set pace for David who stopped the music and said, “I feel like dancing”. Which then invited everyone in the building to see his amazing break dancing and head stand skills, thus forth providing a show within the show.


The chemistry felt between these three band mates on stage, is easily amplified out into the sea of swaying fans. It’s calming and anxious at the same time. With each song comes a different emotion. Going from “Tonight You’re Perfect” to “Harlem”, you experience numerous genres and emotions to get a fully complete experience.    DSC_8593edit









New Politics Setlist Echostage, Washington, DC, USA 2015, Wilderness Politics Tour