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Thursday has a ‘Jet Black New Year’ at Starland Ballroom

It took just about five years for Thursday to rekindle their New Years shows at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ, but it seems like they haven’t missed a beat with bringing their show. The band has been on a hiatus since 2011 and no future seemed possible. It wasn’t until I saw Geoff Ricklys’ solo act this past July that he showed any glimpse of hope for the future. Geoff states to the crowd, ” We made this really boring “time to move on” statement when we broke up initially… it was so bad, we had people going to jail, someone was in the hospital for like 8 months… and I really truly never thought we’d play again but here we are. And with our original lineup, it’s fucking crazy.”

So here we are, five years later. The only thing that has really changed was their age, and maybe Toms’ hair. But we’ll get to that in the pictures. Geoff approaches the stage with “For the Workforce Drowning” to immediately let the packed crowd know that this is a Thursday show. You paid to see a Thursday show. You’re getting a fucking Thursday show. Transgressing straight into “Cross Out the Eyes”, the song that sold me on the band way back forever ago. The mic floating all over the stage in flawless swings always returning to Geoffs’ mouth for the next lyric.  Surprisingly, no songs from Waiting were played but most people got sold on Full Collapse to begin their fandom, so I get it.

One of my latest favorite bands, The Hotelier got to open as well, which was just an awesome addition to a solid lineup regardless. It isn’t a true Thursday show at the Starland without them playing “Jet Black New Year.” There’s no better rush from this band that can immobilize you faster, save when Geoff begins the countdown from ten to one in Jet Black. The song is a tradition. A staple. The true sign of a Thursday show. If you don’t know that at One Geoff is flipping the crowd off, well then, you may have been outside or something.


It’s always a great thing to see one of your favorite bands perform live. Thursday has never disappointed. Actually the last time I was at Starland Ballroom was in like 2005 for Thursday and Poison the Well and somehow have’t made it back since. Closing out the show was a ridiculously amazing rendition of ” War All the Time” which left the crowd stunned. Oh and back to Toms’ hair, he kind of looks like Norman Reedus in that picture. I got a video of “Jet Black New Year”, as well as some bonus Circa 2002 pictures of the band. Thursday is back!







Oh and a huge shoutout to Mrs. Rule for the setlist!