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Weezer ‘Wows’ at Roseland Theater

WeezerWeezer’s show at Roseland Theater had been sold out for weeks. The spacious Portland venue was packed with eager fans. Rivers Cuomo was greeted with explosive celebration as he took the stage. The set opened with an intimate acoustic serenade by Rivers à la carte. Brian Bell joined Rivers onstage for the second song of the set, “Why Bother?”. Each following song brought out a new band member until the band was on stage in full to finish out their 9-song acoustic set. Nearing the end of the acoustic set, Rivers announced that they would be joined on stage by their good friend, and front man for Cage The Elephant, Matt Shultz to help out with their chart-topping piece “Island In The Sun”. The band finished out the acoustic part of the show with their chart-crushing rock hit “Buddy Holly”, at which point the band hastily vacated the stage to prep for the immediately-following electric set.

The lights went out, and we were blasted with chest-thumping bass and disorienting old-timey television broadcasts on screens that were strewn across the stage. The house lights come up and Weezer kicked off the set with their song “Ain’t Got Nobody”, which would be the starting point for a full playthrough of their newest album Everything Will Be Alright In The End. The album has only been out for a couple of months but the energy radiating from the crowd made it seem like this was an album of old favorites. The crowd was pleasantly surprised when Danielle Sullivan (singer for Wild Ones) joined Weezer on stage to deliver a power performance of their rock-duet “Go Away”. With a show full of songs that spanned their entire history in addition to their entire new album, Weezer gave the crowd everything they wanted and more.

  I feel blessed to have been in attendance for such a show. When a band shows such heart and dedication for their fans and the music, then you can begin to see why Weezer have had the kind of success that they have had.

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