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Brand New : An Obituary

Jesse LaceyBRAND NEW WANTS to die just as much as YOU want them DEAD. This is what is written on a super old street team shirt I have from the early 2000’s. The caps are on purpose and the message has stayed true. Everything Brand New has done has always had a underlying message or metaphor. Even if it’s the band secretly telling you they want you dead. But with the recent campaign of Brand New 2000-2018 flooding the internet with rumors galore of the bands demise, it would only make sense that Jesse Lacey has had this plan in the making since day one. It’s made the most clear in the last song on their first album Your Favorite Weapon.  “Soco Amaretto Lime” emphasizes that “I’m gonna stay eighteen forever/so we can stay like this forever”. So I’m bringing my own haunting fan theory to the table. It all goes back to that lyric, a plan 16 years so far in the making. The 2000-2018 campaign is such a mind blowing reference back to the lyrics and it almost makes you wonder if the band “staying eighteen forever” was Jesse Laceys master plan this whole time. He is a metaphorical genius with his perfectly placed lyrics as it is, so this would almost HAVE to be the bands aim. A single premonition that would go unnoticed if you didn’t catch it.




But the only thing that throws me off with this theory, is that “Soco Amaretto Lime” was left out of the set list for the Merriweather show. It was performed at other dates, but my inner fan needed that justification at my date. Actually nothing from Your Favorite Weapon  was played. This is not a complaint by any means. We did get to hear a few of the early demos that have only been recently released. Brand New opened the set with “Mene”, which is a welcome return to the pop punk roots that was Your Favorite Weapon. 






Jesse has been decorating his mic stand with a bouquet of flowers for the past few years now. At least as far back as 2013, so again this all plays into my theory. Maybe he sees the crowd as his death and he throws the flowers out to the fans as one does to a casket at a funeral to pay tribute. If there’s one thing I’ve learned by following this band for the past 15 years, it’s that EVERYTHING has a double meaning. EVERYTHING is a metaphor. Jesse Lacey thrives off of them as a lyricist and as a person. Even all the way back to the John Nolan beef. That situation gave us “Seventy Times Seven” AND “There’s No I in Team” from Taking Back Sunday. These two songs were so pivotal to the era and the times that they related to the entire scene. I’ve seen college philosophy papers based on the “Is that what you call a getaway?” statement. I honestly wonder what might of happened had Jesse not left Taking Back Sunday due to his falling out with John Nolan. Would we have Brand New? Taking Back Sunday? Straylight Run? We will never know. Take advantage of it while you can with their upcoming tour.





So is this the end for Brand New? You never really know. Procrastinate Music Traitors has been releasing everything from the vault. Brand New is confirmed for one more album and at least two more tours. But will that be it? Will Jesse, Brian, Vince and Garrett just ride off into the sunset? Brand New has every right to. And they should. Brand New has made it’s mark on the world and has gifted us with one of the most well rounded discographies anyone could ever ask for.  But one thing is for certain that Jesse has a plan. R.I.P. BRAND NEW.







Be sure to check them out on tour while you can:


Brand New

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