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Periphery Welcomed Home in Washington DC

Grammy-Nominated Periphery recently wrapped up their tour in support of their latest album, Periphery III: Select Difficulty  with a hometown stop in Washington DC. The djent pioneers were joined on their Sonic Unrest 2 tour by the likes of Norma Jean, The Contortionist and Infinity Shred. Also joining them was what seemed to be a sell out crowd of vast majority. The crowd at a metal show never ceases to amaze me. Everything from young scene kids to the older metal heads who despise the younger kids just as much as the younger scene kids claim anyone over 30 is “not cool”. But for the sake of metal, we extend that olive branch of solidarity for the sake of a mutual love for the same band.




Somehow I seem to be blessed with my location of the Baltimore/DC area. It seems like a LOT of bands are from my area and I get to enjoy the special intimacy of that which is a hometown show. You get a lot of the band members’ parents and family in the crowd and you just feel an other-worldly sense of special love.  Misha Mansoor on Lead Guitar stopped in the middle of a song after a signal from the side of the stage. He walked off the stage and returned wearing Washington Capitals’ Nicklas Backstrom jersey and announces “Caps won!” They had just slugged their way to advancing in the Stanley Cup Playoff.




Spencer Sotelo on vocals destroyed any thoughts on having a calm, relaxing night out. They are, of course, a metal band. So there’s that. Every second of their set was insane from the first melodic riff of “A Black Minute” all the way til the last accompanying crowd chants that “Lune” always seems to bring as the set concluded. As always, Spencer(vocals), Misha Jake and Mark(guitars), Adam on the bass and Matt drumming it up, combined their individual talents to deliver a raw experience. Thanks guys.




I also have to give a shout out to my boys in Norma Jean. You guys killed it






Periphery Setlist The Fillmore Silver Spring, Silver Spring, MD, USA 2017, Sonic Unrest Tour II