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Fall Out Boy Honors Chicago in “Centuries” Video

Home is where the heart is for Fall Out Boy, which is apparent by their new video for “Centuries”.  Dubbed the “Hyperlapse Edition”, the video pays tribute to the group’s hometown of Chicago with channel splitting black and white footage shot in and around the Windy City.  It should be noted that this is not the official video for the song.

“The idea of the song is a David vs Goliath story,” the band’s Pete Wentz told DIY earlier this afternoon. “When we were growing up it was like, ‘We’ll never be U2 because we’re from the suburbs of Chicago and nothing happens here,’ but the idea now is to inspire that kid – you can be the person up on stage and it’s only the power of your belief that is going to get you there.”

The song borrows Suzanne Vega‘s “doo-doo-doo” hook from the 1987 hit “Tom’s Diner“, opting to enlist Fall Out Boy’s DCD2 label-mate Lolo to sing, rather than using Vega’s original vocal track.

According to Wentz, the group had written most of the upcoming album and had recorded about half of it. He estimated Fall Out Boy would be done with it early next year.