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Finch unveil video for “Anywhere But Here”

Finch - Anywhere But Here

Hot on the heels of the release of their third studio album (Back to Oblivion) on September 3th, Finch has released a music video for the second song on the album, titled “Anywhere But Here”.

“‘Anywhere But Here’ is simply a song about escaping in a world that is on the verge of collapse,” singer Nate Barcalow told Bullett Magazine. “The theme of a desperate need for release is one that is very strong throughout the new record.”

The video has a very “Inception” feel, like a dream within a dream.  It follows a young woman through alternate realities, one occupied by the band, with people hooked up to wires and inexplicably unconscious.  “This is the first video Finch has made in nine years,” the band revealed. “It was good experience creating this concept and roll out with director Dylan Bell. We hope you like it.”

Back To Obvlivion (released via through Razor & Tie) can be purchased on iTunes or Amazon.