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Hail Mary Mallon: Behind The Style

Hail Mary Mallon

Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic sit down again, this time to talk about the style behind Hail Mary Mallon.  The guys are releasing videos leading up to the release their 2nd album, titled Bestiary.  This time around, Ace and Rob talk about their styles, what influences their sound, the advantages of working together, and more.

When talking about the style of Hail Mary Mallon, Rob Sonic says “When I sit down, and I try to break down the sound of Hail Mary Mallon, its New York in the ’90s.  Dudes that are just.. that come from that New York cypher culture.  That vibe of New York, that we both hold extremely dear to us.”

“I think the Mallon stuff us a good way for Rob and I to get out of our little cave,” says Aesop. “When I write solo records, its just a lot of pain… its really a chore to do.  I mean its fun, I’m not going to say its not fun, but is really a test of my fortitude, to a degree.

Bestiary is due out on November 11th, on Rhymesayers Entertainment.


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