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Hail Mary Mallon release video for “Kiln”

We’ve been posting a few videos from Hail Mary Mallon over the last couple of weeks, leading up to the release of their second album Bestiary on November 11th.  Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic have sat down and talked about the meaning of their name, and where they draw their influences from, but this time, they have given us a video for one of tracks from the new album.

“When I first made the beat for ‘Kiln’, my heart was overcome with an unexplainable sadness, a blanket of melancholia, that enveloped it’s playful rhythm. I knew from that point forward that my co-conspirator and I were to be sentenced, that day.” said Rob Sonic.  Aesop Rock says “‘Kiln’ is the most dynamic song of all time. It’s a tale documenting the very source of Hail Mary Mallon’s power: Emotional Entertainment.”

The video, directed by Galen McKamy, features some sick artwork, which looks to be that of Coro, who also did the album art for Bestiary.