Our mission: To find the best new music, and help spread the word. Not only are we trying to give the fans an opportunity to find great new music, but we’re also trying to help artists big and small reach their fans.

Dont Blink Media started as a way for us to find new music. What began as a way for independent local artists in the San Francisco Bay Area to have their music critiqued, as well as for us to find fresh music to listen to, Dont Blink Media has developed into so much more.

Since its start in Berkeley, California back in 2011, Dont Blink Media has relocated to Washington D.C..  We’ve also expanded – with writers and contributors in major cities across the United States, we’re now able to discover new music in places such as Portland, Denver, Washington DC, and New York City.  With what was once limited to Northern California, Dont Blink Media has grown to cover a nationwide audience.

We’ve worked to gather a team of writers and photographers who are passionate about music.  Covering all genres – from jam band to hip hop – we’re able to offer a unique perspective about today’s music.


Kevin & Charisse Carroll – Washington, DC


Corey Terrill – Portland, Oregon
Brennan Stewart – Sacramento, California
Bryan DeHaven – Denver, Colorado
Jesse Harlan – New York, New York
Max Gale – Portland, Maine